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Night Owl Cafe is run by Nightshifters, for Nightshifters, Night Owls and those intimately involved with them.  We have over 26 years of combined experience working shift work.  We understand the lifestyle and needs shift work creates.

We offer various products  and information for night shift workers and night owls.  Some of these items are not sold in stores and you can purchase them online using our secure server. We have an online forum through Yahoo! to discuss issues related to shift work and night lifestyles! Browse our links to other sites of interest to night owls and visit our friends page for other links of possible interest. 

We hope you enjoy your experience at Night Owl Cafe.

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Nightshift links!

On The Lighter Side - Some humor, cartoons, links and things to laugh about!

Nightshift In Action  - Musical Talents of a featured night shift worker - Anthony Michael's  Prozac Queen.mp3 available for preview! Listen and let us know what you think!

Meet Our Friends - Links to miscellaneous other sites one might find of interest!

Meet Us - Meet the staff of Night Owl Cafe


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Thanks to some "friends" of ours in Greece, we will no longer be directly accepting credit card orders at this time since one of our "friends" over there does not like to use HIS or HER own credit card and we were hit with fees that we can not afford. However you can still use your credit card through PayPal. Sorry for any inconvenience!



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