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Disclaimer: Night Owl Cafe has a broad spectrum of those we consider friends including those with differing political views and even those with differing religious views. We do not necessarily endorse all opinions, thoughts and ideas of some of these other sites, but for one reason or another we feel they are of interest and have included them here. Regardless, some of these sites are here because we know these people personally and they are our friends. Others are here because we feel you might find the information provided therein useful.

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American Red Cross

Brenda Cobb's Glass Passions

Burning Bush

Chuck Baldwin Live

Directory of U.S. Political Parties

Edge Multimedia

Evening Of My Best Day CD

Fat Matt's Rib Shack

Furniture For The People

Gulf 1

Heaton Homes

Keltic Corporate Clothing

Liberal Tee

Rock The Vote

Talking Politics

Verde Valley Christian Church

Vote, Run, Lead


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by Rickie Lee Jones



Keltic Corporate Clothing

WORDS, ETC./Sarah's Sewing Supplies offers Opportunity and "How To" Home Based Business Information, Sewing and Craft information, how to make patterns that fit, E-Sewing Classes, Health and Diet Information, and much more!

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Fat Matt's Rib Shack

1811 Piedmont Ave NE Atlanta GA

Mouth watering, or so I have heard, great ribs and I know great blues listening in Atlanta GA.

Good food, good music, good times.


"Gulf1 is Northwest Florida's Most Actively Read Public Posting Bulletin Board on the World Wide Web."  Gulf1 features editorials and columns from noted personalities in the Northwest Florida area. It provides links to local elected officials, keeps you up to date on current events and more. Check it out!

Edge Multimedia was created in 1995 by Steve & Cathy Edge and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Web Hosting, Web Site design.

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Radio talk show from a Conservative Christian Perspective. Discussions of Current Events and how they relate to Christians and Americans.

Talking Politics

The Presidential Race for 2004 in well underway. Regardless of your political affiliation we encourage you to

Kick 'Em Out!






There is more to life than just democrats and republicans and this web site, Directory of U.S. Political Parties tells you all about the "third parties." It is interesting.

Rock the Vote

Go Vote. Go Lead. Go Girl.


Are you a Liberal? Then you might be interested in the Liberal Tee Shirt from:



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Nice site for Christians.  Great newsletter - "Laugh and Learn"

Heaton Homes

Heaton Homes located in Pensacola, Florida specializes in Home Repair.

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Brenda Cobb's Glass Passion

Beautiful stained glass art work. Handcrafted items!

Rickie Lee Jones

- New CD -

The Evening of My Best Day

 Lyrics to The Evening of My Best Day

click here for free mp3 of Tell Somebody

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More from Rickie Lee Jones

Furniture For The People

"A web community working to bring people together for peace"

"furniture for the people is a web community project founded by rickie lee jones promoting peace and human concerns, a forum for the public to engage in open discussion, s membership available to the public, providing access to free music, concerts, and the opportunity to be involved on an activist level"


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