Meet Night Owl Cafe


Once upon a time Night Owl Cafe was Wes, Andy and Lisa.  

Still we are nurses in the Sunshine state of Florida, however working nights we don't get to see much of the sun. 

We work in a Coronary Care Unit, night shift of course.

So this idea - Night Owl Cafe - was dreamed up with this in mind, that it is hard to find shirts and novelty items for night shift people. Somehow we thought we could change all of that and thus - Night Owl Cafe!


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Currently, NOC is owned and operated by Lisa.
Lisa's Personal Web Site

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Wes and Andy are the founders of NOC. It was their idea and motivation that brought this into being.*





*But they (Wes and Andy) have since bailed out on me and have given up their rights to the multimillions of dollars I am making. YEAH Right. I only dream of making millions - Actually that is not true. I've always wanted to HAVE money, not EARN it! Oh well, working for a living is a good thing. Every one should work for a living, at least once in their life.  - Lisa














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